Valar Morghulis! Best GoT Infographic Ever?

I knew there were good things coming when Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post!

Case in point – a couple of weeks ago the WP published this brilliant illustrated guide to every death in the Game of Thrones TV universe. Brilliant and hysterical, this should be checked out by every GoT fan if you haven’t seen it yet. Not only does it list character and cause of death, but also a statistical analysis of deadliest locations and characters. In addition to being highly entertaining it’s a great reference guide too.

It’s updated through Season 4, although they say they will update for Season 5, presumably once the entire season has aired and deaths can be properly tallied. Also, it’s specifically for the TV series, which does not closely match the book series (especially of late!)

I’m going to stop writing before I include any spoilers.

Valar morghulis! That means “all men must die” in High Valyrian, btw.