Earlier today while checking my Facebook account I saw a jaw dropping item show up in my trending topic news feed. No joke, I got a little misty and the little kid in me danced for joy at the best Christmas present ever.

Facebook News Goes All In and Jumps to Totally Wrong Conclusion

So basically Facebook News announced the launch of a new Sega game console.

Sega’s (imaginary) response: We’re doing what now?


“Dreamcast 2: Sega Reportedly to Release New PC-Console Hybrid”

Should’ve known it was too good to be true. To many console gaming fans (at least of a certain age) the Dreamcast was one of the best and innovative gaming systems released. In addition to great and creative games (like Crazy Taxi, ChuChu Rocket, Space Channel 5, Shenmue, Power Stone, just to name a few), the Dreamcast introduced hardware innovations like the Visual Memory Unit (VMU) that stored games and also functioned as a second screen within games (so your buddies couldn’t cheat and see what play you picked in NFL2K).

Sega Dreamcast Was Way Ahead of Its Time
While a fan favorite, the Dreamcast was discontinued after only three years, largely due to high production costs and completely inept business decisions by Sega. It proved to be the last hardware entry by the formerly dominant Sega.

Anyways, back to today.

So about a week ago, a FaceBook group was announced with the name “Project Dream-Dreamcast Revival”. At the same time a website at www.projectdream.co launched featuring a countdown to the end of the year. You can also sign their petition over at change.org.

Somehow, Facebook interpreted all of this as Sega announcing a new game console. Which is news to Sega of course. And both hilarious (for pointing out how broken the Facebook trending news can be) and sad for the Dreamcast fans (me).

If you’re a fan, please sign the petition and join the facebook group – I don’t have a lot of hope that it will result in a Dreamcast 2, but hey, you never know.

Kotaku has a great article with more details here

Facebook News Goes All In and Jumps to Totally Wrong Conclusion