Jon Snow Should Run for President

Seriously. Jon Snow should run for President, considering his massive popularity. He might be the secret to derailing Donald Trump’s presidential plans. I kid. (sort of – I’d totally vote for Jon Snow).

Fans of the massively popular HBO series are incredibly devoted and completely open to way, waaaay out there oddball theories.

Most recently fanning the flames of conspiracy, Ian McShane (“Deadwood”) confirmed that he’ll be joining the show in Season 6 for a single episode, and he’ll be “responsible for bringing somebody back that you think you’re never going to see again.” Obvious choices here are the character of either Elder Brother or Septon Meribald.

Wow. Well that really set off the fanboys and girls.

Everyone that’s watched a season or read any of the books knows that creator George RR Martin is not afraid or is actually gleefully willing to kill off any of his characters from minor to beloved fan favorite. However, fans of the books know that sometimes…they come back! I’m not talking about characters that you thought died but somehow didn’t, but full on, coming-back-from-actual-death. It happens more than once in the books, but fans of the show have already seen this with Beric Dondarrion when Thoros of Myr brings him back to life in Season 3.



So which characters are up for a return?

Well, if you read the books, Catelyn Stark for one. Fans of the books have been eagerly waiting for her return as the vengeful Lady Stoneheart. Due to the nature of her death, this character could easily be recast.

Another possibility, especially if McShane is cast as Elder Brother, is none other than Sandor Clegane aka The Hound. In the books, Elder Brother tells Brienne of Tarth that he buried The Hound.

While there are other possibilities, the most popular or at least hopeful one, is Westeros’ favorite son, Jon Snow. There’s also a crazy theory that it’ll be revealed that he is NOT the illegitimate son of Ned Stark, but the actual….illegitimate son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Which would maybe put him in front of his sort-of aunt Daenerys…? I have a headache. So confused…

The Week has a great (and long) article about these and other rumors. It’s a great read.