Chorus web front-end for XBMC

This one’s for all you HTPC nuts. While there are other options, the majority of my friends sit in either the XBMC or Plex camp for HTPC media management. One of the nice features of Plex is the ability to manage, manipulate and stream your media from a web browser. Now, with Chorus, you can do that with XBMC too! If you open a port on your firewall, you could also stream media while you were away from your home. I use Plex, so I haven’t tested Chorus, but the features seem very similar.

Chorus is free, and available in the main XBMC repository and is also available via GitHub.

If you’re an XBMC user, let us know how you like Chorus, or if there are better alternatives.

Check out the LifeHacker article for more info…….READ MORE