OpenType, The World's Most Dangerous...Font (image from

Yesterday, Microsoft released an emergency patch for a new vulnerability that would allow a hacker to, well, gain COMPLETE control of your system. The culprit? A flaw in OpenType, the Microsoft font format. To make things worse for Microsoft, this vulnerability affects every version of Windows since XP, including the current beta of Windows 10!

Hackers could embed malicious code into fonts, which could be contained within documents or even web pages. Once they gain access to your system, a hacker would have full access to your system including the ability to:

  • Install programs
  • View, change and even delete data
  • Create new user accounts

And if you store passwords on your computer, or any other personal identity information, well, your bad day could get a lot worse.

So if you have a Windows computer, more than likely you need to install this patch RIGHT AWAY. The patch is called KB3079904. Do it now.