I’m trying out the Faces.im chrome extension to hopefully improve my love/hate relationship with Facebook Messenger.

I’m trying out the Faces.im chrome extension to hopefully improve my love/hate relationship with Facebook Messenger.


I’ve always hated using Facebook as a messaging platform, starting with it’s useless early days, moving on to the completely ridiculous Facebook email, and now with the standalone Messaging app.

However…I’ve come to the sad conclusion that right now it might be the best of a host of bad solutions. Email is terrible for quick, casual conversations. iMessage is well, broken, and that’s if you’re using iOS. There’s a ton of other options that will work on either Android, iOS or sometimes both. But again, they’re mostly closed systems and not very useful OUTSIDE those systems.

And then there’s Facebook. I’m a terrible Facebook user, or rather I’m totally self absorbed. If your post doesn’t show up in my newsfeed, I’ll never see it. I won’t go to your page or look at a group of just do any kind of search. (Actually, the Nerdgasm page is the only exception). That aside, I have to say that Facebook is the only common denominator among 95+% of my social circles. Yeah, there’s a few people that have sworn off Facebook for various reasons, but for the most part, everyone I know has an account.

Which means of course, that it’s the best way to message virtually everyone I know.


SO…..That aside, it’s kind of annoying to be working on my computer and have to click on or open the Facebook page in my browser when I’m responding to messages. I’d love for there to be a native desktop app (I use OSX) that I could just keep open when I want to be available. There isn’t one that I know of right now. (I know native apps are kind of out of favor right now)

Anyways, there’s this cool Chrome extension called Faces.im. What it does is bring the Facebook chat head functionality into your browser so you see when incoming messages show up and when you click on the chat icon, it pulls up a separate window so you can respond or view messages. On any page in your browser, so you don’t have to be on the Facebook page.

I haven’t used it that long but it seems to work pretty well. I wish there was a mute button for the app for those times when I don’t want to be disturbed, but maybe they’ll add that feature later.

CNet has a good article with more details, but so far I’d recommend the extension if you use the Facebook messaging platform…..READ MORE