OK, maybe not the movie you were thinking about, but this IS arguably the best Steve Jobs biography you can watch. In a frankly genius move by Quartsoft (an apparently forward-thinking web design company) their marketing department released this fantastic and brilliantly annotated animated biography of Steve Jobs’ life from birth to his passing. There’s also this cool “Meanwhile” bar in the lower third (ok, maybe lower half) of the video that shows what was going on in the tech world at the time of each event in Jobs’ life.

They have a great blog post that discusses their motivations and the process they went through to create the video. They kept the plugs for their company to a minimum and it really is an interesting read and a great tribute to Steve. The movie is less than 20 minutes long and it is certainly the most detailed and informative movie about Jobs to date.

The concept and animation are credited to Dmitriy Nesterov and the video was illustrated by Helen Stoyka, with music by SaReGaMa.

They also created this cool infographic as a companion piece for the video

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