The long delayed adaptatation of Battle Angel Alita has been handed off to Sin City director Robert Rodriguez. James Cameron has been discussing bringing the classic anime title to the big screen since before Avatar, but has been on back burner with Cameron’s hands being full with the Avatar franchise. The title of the film is also reportedly being changed to Alita: Battle Angel. Cameron will remain as the film’s producer, however.

Rodriguez to Take Over Helm of Battle Angel Alita?

The original manga, written by Yukito Kishiro in 1990 under the name Gunm, tells the tale of a cyborg saved from the scrapyard by a cybernetic doctor. Brought back to life, Alita has no memory of her past, although she does remember a legendary cyborg martial art known as “Panzer Krust”. She uses her skills to hunt down villains and attempts to recover her memory along the way. The story is set in the 26th century and interestingly enough, takes place in what used to be the United States.

Details remain, well, nonexistent, but word is that Rodriguez is currently sticking with the script that Cameron developed with Kishiro. Rumor is that Cameron may use the same 3D technology he developed for Avatar as well. No mention of casting choices has ever been made to date…I’m hoping they stay true to the original content (hint hint – avoid the Akira fiasco).