Noted iOS forensics expert Jonathan Zdziarski has published a brief guide on how to lock down your iOS device – even if it’s unlocked, or you are coerced into inputting your passcode or fingerprint. His guide relies on Apple’s own Configurator tool to “pair lock” an iOS device to a specific device, usually your own home computer. What this means is that no one will be able to download data from your phone using another computer or even forensic tools (with the exception of sending the device to Apple). Of course they’ll still be able to see data on the device itself, but they wouldn’t be able to download your call logs for example.

This method appears to require reloading the iOS firmware, so be warned – this may un-jailbreak your jailbroken phone! There’s also a jailbreak package from Jonathan that I’m going to try for just that reason.

The guide can be found here on Jonathan’s blog….READ MORE