OSX Yosemite Beta

In a fit of pique (and possibly stupidity), I have backed up my production OSX Mavericks install and have begun anew with OSX Yosemite (beta).


Installation itself is pretty much the same as any other OSX installation and I had no issues at all.

Application Support

So far I have not encountered too many apps that do not run on the latest offering from Apple, which is good. I manually moved over my iPhoto and iTunes libraries without issues. iTunes 12 (beta) didn’t have any problems using the iTunes 11 library. If you have any apps that require Java, you’ll need to run the Java 8 beta – however I use Wuala for secure cloud storage and that couldn’t detect Java 8 which means that indirectly Wuala doesn’t support Yosemite.

Speaking of iTunes 12, I haven’t played with it a lot yet, but yeah it looks different but no other MAJOR new features that I noticed. Just some subtle improvements. Rumor is that the store functionality may get an overhaul in the final release, but so far it’s the same experience, unfortunately.

Bugs So Far

Right now, the only issue I’ve seen is that the video driver doesn’t quite seem right on my mid-2011 MacBook Pro so that I occassionally get a glitch where the video freaks out, but it usually disappears after a second

In the screenshot above, it happened on the login screen which was slightly inconvenient since I had to find the login box, but everything was fine after I logged in.

Day 1 Thoughts

Well, the flat/translucent design elements are nice and modern. They’re certainly different which is nice since I’m easily bored and I’ve had Mavericks for almost a whole year. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to test Handoff since my MBP doesn’t have the most current version of BlueTooth, and therefore doesn’t support the new feature.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more thoughts