Red letter day for Apple.

On Friday, Apple released a critical patch to address a major security flaw where a hacker could capture information transferred on a supposedly secure SSL/TLS connection. Basically if you went to a web site thinking you were protected by SSL encryption (the HTTPS version of a website for example), you would be wrong (theoretically) due to a flaw that would fail to correctly validating the authenticity of the connection. Sites like, Facebook and Gmail, ….! It is unclear how long this flaw has existed, although Pod2G of the jailbreaking groupĀ Evad3rs, stated on Twitter that it may have been around for as long as a year for both IOS and OSX users.


The flaw is addressed in IOS 7.0.6 and IOS 6.1.6, both available now

…..however….the problem doesn’t stop there as it has also been determined that the same vulnerability affects OSX and the estimated release date for the fix?

According to Apple: “Very soon”

Well Tim Cook can just rock me to sleep tonight.

Seriously people. Patch your IOS device RIGHT AWAY. And until then, DO NOT USE IT ON PUBLIC WIFI.

As for OSX, Google Chrome appears to be safe, but not sure how many apps are safe to use before Apple issues a patch.