Conan, What Is Best in Life?

Conan, what is best in life?

Crush your enemies.
See them driven before you.
An R-rated sequel to the original movie.

Oh yeah, your favorite Cimmerian is coming back with a vengeance, and this won’t be some watered down action/comedy, glossy sequel or remake. The one and only Ahhnold is reprising his role as the original badass with a big sword.

Writer/Producer Chris Morgan has revealed that unlike the 1984 Conan the Destroyer sequel, which was rated PG or the more recent reboot starring Jason Momoa (which just kinda sucked), Legend of Conan will be a “logical extension” of the original classic, 30 years later and will maintain a similar dark tone to the first movie. Morgan describes it like this:

“When we meet him again, Conan has been many things over the course of his life — a thief, a warrior, a pirate, a king, a legend — and is now an older man…Think Unforgiven…with a sword-wielding barbarian.”

Conan will be rejoined by at least three as yet unrevealed cast members from the original. I can’t recall who was still alive at the end other than Conan, Subotai the Archer (Gerry Lopez) and The Wizard (Mako)

Words can not describe how eager I am to see this.