In a totally unethical move playing on recent fears about US and UK internet privacy “changes”, a questionable VPN service called MySafeVPN distributed an email to Plex users (Plex is a media front-end that organizes your media and allows for a unified interface to acces said media, originally a fork from the XBMC project).

It is unknown at this time how Plex user email addresses were obtained, most likely from a previous hack of Plex’s forum user database.

In the email, MySafeVPN claims to be a new service owned by Plex with a one-day deal for Plex users. In the official Plex twitter feed, Plex disavows any affiliation with or endorsement of MySafeVPN and urges users to ignore the email.

In a brief search I was unable to find any reviews of the service nor was it listed in any recent articles from trusted review sites.

My conclusions:

1) I’m not certain that they’re not a bogus/fraudulent company
2) If they actually are a VPN company, considering you’re trusting a VPN service with your privacy and safety, I would certainly NOT use a company that had demonstrated such terrible ethics.